Start-up Activator Program

A big part of Mozn’s identity is innovation, and we believe that new and future-facing organisations deserve the best chance of changing things for the better and solving the world’s problems.

The FOCAL Start-Up Activator Program is perfect for projected high-growth Fintechs and Start-ups with big visions who are still in the early stages of their journey.

At Mozn we remember this stage in our own journey and so want to unlock faster growth for others by offering the full benefits of FOCAL at a discounted concession rate.

Partnership Types

Exclusive discounted Start-up rate*

Free volume allocation for Product Testing* 

Full integration and testing support*

Early access to Beta Products*

Criteria for acceptance

Your organization must:
Be a startup company with less than $1 million in funding
Launching their product within the next 12 months
Be forecasting high volumes in future
Be able to commit to a 12-month contract
NOTE: If you are a startup with a live product you may be able to utilize our starter packages, contact sales to learn more!

*This program is subject to terms and conditions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I refer?

You can refer any business that is not an existing Focal customer.

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Will I earn recurring discount credit for the referred customer?

No. You will get only one time discount credit for referring a customer which you can apply on your next renewal.

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Is there a limit on the number of customers I can refer or the referral discount credit I can earn from this program?

There is no limit to the number of customers that you can refer, however please refer to referral discount scheduled in terms and conditions.

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How do I track my earnings?

Reach out to your customer success or partner manager at Mozn and get a sneak peek on your earned referral discounts.

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What discount my customer can expect if I refer Focal?

The referral program offers up to 5% discounts for each new customer referred by Mozn’s existing customer

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Where can I register a referral?

Use the above referral form or reach to partnerships and alliances on

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How can I track the status of my referrals?

Yes, you can track the status (acceptance/rejection) of your referral by connecting with your success manager or partner account manager. Or simply send an email on

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Can I receive referral discounts for customers I have referred before this referral program was launched?


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When can I claim my referral discount credits?

You can request your discount credits for your next renewal after ninety days (90) of successful onboarding of the customer on Focal platform from our partner account manager or customer success manager.

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