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You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the profound negative impact that fraud can have and a clear understanding of the regulatory framework that shapes the field.

State of AML in MENA 2022 Report

In this guide, you will learn:

We will analyze the critical strategies that help detect fraud, the places where it is most prevalent in the modern era, the tangible and intangible harm it causes, and the industries that are most susceptible to it.


We will delve into the legal frameworks of Saudi Arabia and other key markets in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, highlighting the evolving nature of these regulations and the increasing responsibilities placed on financial institutions.


Effective fraud prevention strategies are crucial for any organization, & there are several key recommendations to consider. Read about them in the ebook.

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What's included?

A Deep Dive Into the Key Fraud Techniques in MENA

Sophisticated Social Engineering

Modern fraudsters use highly sophisticated social engineering techniques that make it challenging for individuals to distinguish between legitimate and malicious actors.

Organized & Collaborative Fraud

Today's fraudster isn't a lone wolf but is often part of a larger, more organized syndicate. These groups collaborate, sharing knowledge, resources, and techniques. The dark web hosts marketplaces where stolen credit cards, personal information, compromised accounts, & even victims' digital fingerprints are traded.

Globalization & Cross-border Fraud

Exploiting differences in regulations and navigating through the maze of international jurisdictions, they carry out theiractivities, making it exponentially harder for authorities to track them down and take legal action

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