Screen sender and recipient information against global watchlists in real-time to prevent the possibility of transferring money to sanctioned or high risk entities.

How Focal Can Help You
Screen Transactions With Confidence

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Powerful AI to Minimize False Positives

Eliminate human errors, save resources and screen with confidence through our advanced AI engine.

Full Global Watchlists Coverage

Screen sender and recipient information against +1300 sanctions, PEP and RCA watchlists and adverse media.

Screen Against Your Internal Watchlists

Upload your organization's internal watchlists to add an extra layer of protection against suspicious entities.

Automate The Process and Stop Draining Resources

Allow your team to focus on what matters most, by reducing time spent on compliance tasks and eliminating human error.

Ongoing Screening and Monitoring

Keep your customers profiles up to date in real time, through ongoing AML screening and monitoring.

Screen Transactions Against +1300 Global Sanctions and PEP Watchlist

Easy and Effortless Migration With 80% Less Setup Time

Multilingual Dedicated Customer Success and Support

Secure Data and Privacy Standards With Local Hosting