Confirmation of payee

Confirmation of Payee

Prevent fraud by automatically verifying sender's beneficiary information with recipient details in receiving bank records


Know the potential risk for all your customers based on their profile and transactions behavior.

Focal's friendly risk assessment rule builder allows you to customize your onboarding risk scoring methodology based on your own risk appetite and requirements.

Dynamically monitor risk score changes for each customer based on profile changes and transactions behavior.

Filter and view all your customers based on risk level.

Use your existing data to plug in your own fields, so you can integrate with Focal quickly.

Apply the proper monitoring procedures based on the risk type of the customer.

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Arabic first

Screening Arabic names is complex.
Focal significantly reduces false alerts

Transactions monitoring

Know the potential risk for all your customers based on their profile and transactions behavior.

Focal's friendly rules builder allows you to configure your own rules engine that fit your risk appetite and requirements.

Automate filing Suspicious Activity Reporting with Focal's built-in report generator.

Audit trail and logging of all transactions to provide a comprehensive view of the customer behavior.

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Transactions screening

Screen sender and recipient information against global watchlists in real-time to intercept the possibility of transferring money to sanctioned entities or high risk countries.

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Full watchlist data coverage

Focal screens against more than 1000+ real-time global sanctions and PEP lists.

Arabic names matching and transliteration

Name matching algorithms specifically designed for Arabic and Latin that recognize many variations, human-errors, and edge cases.

Flag transactions routed to high risk countries

Constantly screen your customers against the latest updated sanctions and PEP lists.

Quick API integration

Focal Utilizes robust APIs that can be effortlessly integrated within your workflow

FOCAL protects your organization
and customers from Fraud

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Customizable Information Matching Engine

Customize the matching engine with adjustable rules, thresholds, and criteria to meet specific organization requirements and accommodate diverse transaction types and customer profiles.

Real-time Matching or Discrepancy Flagging

Instantly approve transactions with matching beneficiary information or flag discrepancies for potential misdirected payments or fraud.

Beneficiary Information Cross-Check

Automatically verify the manual beneficiary information entered by the sender against the recipient's details in the receiving bank records.

FOCAL Fraud Prevention Tests Helped Detect:

Average of ~15K USD in fraud cost per compromised account, annually

300+ overseas IBANs receiving funds from blocked wallets

800+ Geo-location/IP  used to defraud 1100+ victims

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