Get 360° view on customers profiles and handle alerts, investigate cases, view audit trails and file SARs effortlessly through intelligent and intuitive alert and case workflows.

How Focal Can Help You
Manage Suspicious Cases Efficiently?

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Get The Full Picture to Make Informed Decisions

Holistic and contextual view of each customer, including their transactions, risk score, sanctions alerts, and triggered rules and scenarios.

Automate Suspicious Activity Reporting

Automate filing Suspicious Activity Reporting with Focal's built-in report generator to reduce manual work.

Export Comprehensive Audit Trail Reports

Get detailed audit trail reports that includes screens, transactions, and your compliance team actions all in one CSV file.

Decrease Manual Workload and Eliminate Human Error

Reduce time spent on collecting previous records by having all the needed informations in one place to eliminate human error.

intelligent and intuitive workflows

organize your team’s daily compliance operations

Keeping up with the ever-changing AML compliance requirements is challenging, resource-intensive and prone to human errors. Our sophisticated and powerful suite empower you to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with ease.

Reduce investigation time
Increase your efficiency and productivity
Prevent disruption and misalignment
Streamline compliance operations

Eliminate Human Error And Increase Your Compliance Efficiency

Easy and Effortless Migration With 80% Less Setup Time

Multilingual Dedicated Customer Success and Support

Secure Data and Privacy Standards With Local Hosting