How Aseel reduced onboarding time by more than 87% using FOCAL

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About Aseel

Aseel is considered to be the first real estate crowd-investing in Saudi Arabia, in which the real estate sector has a proven track record of driving growth and development.

Licensed by the Capital Market Authority’s (CMA) FinTech Lab, Aseel employs the crowd-investing model to provide its customers with viable returns through real estate investments.

Manual Processes and Scaling Challenges

Aseel faced challenges in customer onboarding, risk assessment, scalability, and human errors. Manual processes caused bottlenecks, taking a longer time per customer. Unsustainable reliance on manual processes hindered expansion, scalability, and risked non-compliance, financial penalties, and reputational damage from potential errors.

Adopting Innovation and Operational Excellence

Aseel embarked on a quest to revolutionize their onboarding process, improve compliance, and scale operations with innovation at the forefront.
Their objectives were clear: automate processes, reduce onboarding time, enhance risk assessments, and minimize human errors.

Transforming Operations with AI-Powered Compliance

Aseel chose FOCAL, Mozn’s AI-powered Risk and Compliance platform, for its ability to streamline onboarding, enhance risk assessment, and optimize compliance.

With highly accurate Arabic and Latin language name matching and proactive threat detection capabilities, FOCAL was the clear choice to save time, reduce errors, and become the cornerstone of Aseel's compliance framework, enabling operational excellence and strategic success.

Unleashing Aseel’s Potential with Revolutionary Results

FOCAL implementation has transformed Aseel's compliance processes, unlocking operational efficiencies and reducing onboarding time by 87%. 
The average onboarding time now takes only 40 seconds, enabling swift customer onboarding, improved experience, and accelerated growth. 
FOCAL's AI-powered technologies facilitated a comprehensive risk assessment, enhancing Aseel's compliance practices and driving the company's growth by an astonishing 250%. Manual efforts were entirely eliminated, resulting in fewer false alerts and human errors, while real-time insights into suspicious entities and concealed risks provided proactive threat detection capabilities.

50-100 Employees
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mobile Application
200K-250K Users
FOCAL has proven to be an invaluable asset for us, resulting in more than 87% reduction in our onboarding time and enhancing our operational efficiency. This has allowed us to easily onboard new customers and grow confidently.

- Ali Alshamrany, Chief Operating Officer at Aseel