AI-Powered Financial Crime Prevention Suite that
Enables Better Decisions
Increases Efficiency
Automates Processes
Reduces risk         

FOCAL by Mozn is a suite of products that leverage our powerful AI and machine  learning technology to answer the challenges of AML compliance and Fraud Prevention in Emerging Markets.

Trusted By Leading Financial Institutions

Manage Risk effectively

Optimize team efficiency

Futureproof and scalable

Emerging Markets focus

powered by NEXT-GENERATION Technology

Advanced AI Built To Overcome
Emerging markets challenges

The landscape of AML compliance is changing rapidly in emerging markets, which makes it difficult to adhere and stay compliant with regulations. Our AI-powered suite is built specifically to overcome these unique challenges and accurately understand emerging markets languages.

Powerful Phonetic Name Matching AI

Minimum False Positives

+100 Different Human Errors Detected

Highly Accurate Alphabet Mapping

Top 25 Digital Business Solutions Globally

FOCAL by Mozn was recognised as one of the Top 25 Global “Digital Business Solutions” by CNBC and Statista.


Compliance Teams Rely On Focal

"Focal allows us to be compliant quickly. We use Focal to automate the screening of our customers with relative ease. Focal’s ever-evolving offerings never fail to surprise us, and it gives us confidence in the product’s ability to keep up with rising expectations of both regulators and customers."

Hussain Hejles

Director of Compliance

"Fair to say that Focal’s sanction screening solution is straightforward, reliable, and always available. Not to mention Focal’s professional and friendly account managers and subject-matter experts who guided us through the entire process.”

Hashem Sbeitan

Risk & Fraud Director