Terms & Conditions for Referral Program

  • 1-5% discount credit (the “Referral discount”) on the next consecutive renewal will be provided for a third party referred to Mozn Systems (“Focal AML Platform”) (a) who signs up for Focal paid subscription subject to Focal’s Master Subscription/licence contract and (b) is “onboarded” to the Focal SaaS/on-premises platform (able to use Focal services in production mode) and has sent their account “live” by no later than 90 days of the referral date (a “Referred Customer”). “Referred Customer” shall not include any third party that, as of the referral date (i) is already under contract to receive services from Mozn Systems or was previously under contract to receive services from Mozn Systems, (ii) is in possession of a current proposal for services from Mozn Systems, (iii) has had one (1) or more online demonstrations or substantial communications with Mozn Systems representatives during the Twelve (12) months preceding the referral; or (iv) has already been referred to Mozn Systems by another person or entity. The qualified referred third party by Mozn customer will also be eligible for 5% discount on Focal subscription when they signup for 1 year or more.
  • Mozn Systems may, in its sole discretion, either accept or decline any third party referred under this referral program. All determinations of whether a third party referred under this referral program constitutes a “Referred Customer” will be made by Mozn Systems in its sole discretion and Mozn Systems decision will be considered final. The customer referral discount program is subjected to below discount schedule and customers are entitled to earn referral discount credits as per the details below:
  1. Referral discount on first two clients: 5% each
  2. Referral discount on next 3-5: 3% each
  3. Referral discount on next 6-11: 1% each
  • Capped at 25% max of the annual contract value of existing Mozn customer, provided it is not more than the ACV of the referred and signed client.
  • This referral program is subjected to change and may be cancelled at any time in Mozn Systems sole discretion without notice.
  • Allow up to ninety (90) days after Referred Customer’s successful onboarding onto Mozn Systems Focal platform to receive your Referral discount
  • Mozn Systems, its subsidiaries, affiliates, management, employees and agents are not responsible for any products or services provided by third parties integrated or related to Focal SaaS platform under this Referral program.

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