Complying with AML regulations shouldn’t be complicated

As Investment firms’ customer base grew in recent years, so did the demand for robust and scalable compliance solutions. Focal empowers investment firms with a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing them to focus on their business while we handle the complexity of AML compliance and integration.

How Focal Can Help Investment Firms
Streamline All Their AML Processes

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Real-time Updated Watchlists Coverage

Screen your customers or entities against +1300 sanctions, PEP and RCA watchlists and adverse media.

Intuitive and Friendly User Interface

Store your data securely in more than 85+ countries worldwide to stay always compliant with all AML regulations.

Screen Both Customers and Organizations

Screen your customers, partners and organizations in one place with the highest accuracy rate.

Multilingual Customer Success and Support

Our team is always available to answer all your inquires and questions to empower you to comply with ease and confidence.

Screen All Your Customers and Partners Against +1300 Watchlists In Less Than 1 Sec

Easy and Effortless Migration With 80% Less Setup Time

Multilingual Dedicated Customer Success and Support

Secure Data and Privacy Standards With Local Hosting