Streamline all Fraud Prevention processes through Focal's Anti-Fraud Suite

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Automate all Fraud Prevention processes

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AI powered AML Solutions to mitigate risks and predict threats

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+1300 real-time updated watchlist

Flexible, user-friendly and intuitive UI

Minimize false positives

Less than 1 second screening time

Seamless and quick API integration

See How Focal Can Help You Overcome Fraud Prevention Challenges

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On average, FOCAL clients experience:


Reduced False Positives


Faster Deployment


Less Investigation Time

Advanced Fraud Prevention Capabilities

Quick implementation and migration, fast ROI

Compliant with FATF, SAMA and CMA regulations

Multilingual expertise and technical support

Trusted By Leading Financial Institutions

Combat Financial Crime with Industry-Leading Anti Money Laundering Solutions Provider

"Focal allows us to be compliant quickly. We use Focal to automate the screening of our customers with relative ease. Focal’s ever-evolving offerings never fail to surprise us, and it gives us confidence in the product’s ability to keep up with rising expectations of both regulators and customers."

Hussain Hejles

Director of Compliance

"Fair to say that Focal’s sanction screening solution is straightforward, reliable, and always available. Not to mention Focal’s professional and friendly account managers and subject-matter experts who guided us through the entire process.”

Hashem Sbeitan

Risk & Fraud Director