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Given the increasing risk of money laundering in the MENA region, this report is dedicated to examining the recent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, policies, and governance efforts in the region.

State of AML in MENA 2022 Report

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In this report, you will find:

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An overview of the recent development in AML regulations

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Analysis of the various range of regulatory approaches

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Highlights of the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies

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The Recent Developments in AML Regulations

Examining the recent developments in Anti-Money Laundering regulations and governance efforts in the region.

Analysis of Money Laundering Regulatory Approaches

Comparing and analyzing a wide range of approaches for each country’s regulations.

Regulatory Status of Cryptocurrencies in MENA

Exploring the various cryptocurrencies regulations to manage the money laundering and terrorism financing risks.

The Adoption of e-KYC frameworks

Understanding the current money laundering and e-KYC regulatory challenges and their role as the new method of onboarding.

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What's included?

A Deep Dive Into the Key AML Developments in MENA

Countries Added to FATF’s Grey List

Out of the five MENA countries in the Jurisdictions Under Increased Monitoring (Grey List), two countries were recently added – Jordan and the UAE in October 2021 and in March 2022 respectively.

e-KYC Regulations and Challenges

Despite the benefits offered by the e-KYC programme and framework, MENA countries still face considerable setbacks in its option due to multiple challenges.

Leveraging on

Cryptocurrencies are tightly regulated in the region given its complex nature and the high money laundering risks. That said, a handful of MENA countries are exploring the possibilities of leveraging on crypto.

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