Streamline all AML compliance processes through Focal's AI-Powered Compliance Suite

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Automate all compliance processes

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Powerful AI that mitigates risk and predicts threats

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+1300 real-time updated watchlist

Flexible, user-friendly and intuitive UI

Minimize false positives

Less than 1 second screening time

Seamless and quick API integration

See How Focal Can Help You Overcome AML Compliance Challenges

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Compliance Teams Rely On Focal

"Focal allows us to be compliant quickly. We use Focal to automate the screening of our customers with relative ease. Focal’s ever-evolving offerings never fail to surprise us, and it gives us confidence in the product’s ability to keep up with rising expectations of both regulators and customers."

Hussain Hejles

Director of Compliance

"Fair to say that Focal’s sanction screening solution is straightforward, reliable, and always available. Not to mention Focal’s professional and friendly account managers and subject-matter experts who guided us through the entire process.”

Hashem Sbeitan

Risk & Fraud Director

Easy and Effortless Migration With 80% Less Setup Time

Multilingual Dedicated Customer Success and Support

Secure Data and Privacy Standards With Local Hosting

Trusted By Leading Financial Institutions
Reduction In False Positives
Flowbase is a collection of curated clonables & guides from the webflow community
<1 Sec
Average Screening Time
Flowbase is a collection of curated clonables & guides from the webflow community
Sanctions, PEP and RCA Watchlists
Daily Monitored Profiles
All-in-one AML Compliance

One suite to Simplify all AML compliance complexities

Keeping up with the ever-changing AML compliance requirements is challenging, resource-intensive and prone to human errors. Our sophisticated and powerful suite empower you to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with ease.

Become Compliant Quickly
Reduce False Positives
Stop Burning Resources
Avoid Expensive Fines

Get full control over your Compliance Flow

Set up and customize your AML compliance processes to meet your business's needs while staying compliant with global and local regulations.

Scalable and Flexible Compliance

Scale your business with peace of mind as our suite can scale to match businesses of all sizes.

highly customizable scenario builder

Build your own scenarios or choose from our preset library to prevent suspicious activities.

easily configurable Risk Scoring Rules and criteria

Set custom and flexible rules to tailor your customers risk scoring and assessment criteria.

Ongoing Screening and Monitoring

Keep your customers profiles up to date in real time, through ongoing AML screening.

powered by NEXT-GENERATION Technology

Advanced AI Built To Overcome
Emerging markets challenges

The landscape of AML compliance is changing rapidly in emerging markets, which makes it difficult to adhere and stay compliant with regulations. Our AI-powered suite is built specifically to overcome these unique challenges and accurately understand emerging markets languages.

Powerful Phonetic Name Matching AI

Minimum False Positives

+100 Different Human Errors Detected

Highly Accurate Alphabet Mapping

Comply with Global and local AML regulations

Confidently screen and monitor your customers in accordance with global and local regulations or any compliance environment. Preventing financial crimes and protecting your reputation.

Locally Hosted

Focal screens against 1000+ real-time global sanctions and PEP lists, such as OFAC, UN, and other sources.

steer clear of expensive fines

Protect your business and avoid unforeseen fines for not adhering to compliance regulations.


Global Sanctions and PEP Lists Updated In Real-Time


Reduction In False-Positives Detections


Customers Profiles Monitored And Updated Instantly

Quick and easy deployment

Automate the entire compliance process

Comply quickly with local and global regulations with 80% less setup time compared to legacy solutions, increasing your team efficiency by automating the whole AML compliance processes and tasks.

Seamless and simple API Integration

We designed Focal to be developer-friendly so you can easily plug it into your workflow without the need for complex integration and infrastructure.

Decrease manual workload

Allow your team to focus on what matters most, by reducing time spent on compliance tasks and eliminating human error.